Frequently Asked Questions

I'm interested in joining 
Do I have to buy a starter kit? 

Yes. We have two to select from, starting at $64.99, starting your own business has never been cheaper! Although the FEMME kit is most recomended as there is much more value as well as showing off goods at parties is much easier. We've selected some party must haves to nsure a great assortment for your guests to view.

What will it cost me to start?
First you will slect the kit that best suits your budget, choose betwen our business starter kit $64.99 or our Femme kit $199 that includes all you'll need to kick start your business, from there it is your option to add if youd like some booster budles, these bundles are offered at 50% off the retails price and start as low as $65. We also offer an exclusive sexuality educator course  through the Institute for sexuality and enlightenment design to teach you anything you may want or need to know in this business, as qustions arrise at parties you'll be sure to be able to properly inform your guests. This course is $49 US dollars, upon competion with a submitted copy of your certification you will be rewarded wth a FREE LUXE LOVE 2.0 ($164.99 value) as a gift, to keep for yourself or to sell for MEGA profits! We also have a web maintenance fee of $9.95/ month to cover costs of your personal duplicated site and its maintenance. 


How much can i expect to earn?

As a commission-based business this will vary. Commissions vary betwen 30-45%, with unlimited bonus potentials. As an independant contractor, the time you invest in your business will reflect your earnings. We will provide tools necessary to ensure your success how much of it you apply is your decision. To increase revenue, increase your amount of party bookings and sponsor new team members.


What if I dont have experience?

Experience is not necessary, once again you will be provided training materials and everything yo need to be successful, in the beginning it is also suggested you work closely with your sponsor until you 'get the hang of it'. All you truly need is a good energy, willingness to succeed, eagerness to grow and learn and a positive attitude and your already on your way o success!

How do I get parties?  

Finding parties with our generous hostess rewards plan wont be difficult. To start, until you have your presentation down pat start with your friends and family, then start getting additional party bookings from these initial parties. You may also want to create a social media page that friends/family and new aquaintences can follow you and as your followers grow in numbers you will start getting party bookings much easier. It is also suggsted but not mandated that you attend local vendor events where your connections with new people will surely grow! Carry business cards with you at all times! You never know where you'll meet your next hostess! You will also have the opportunity to work closesly with our in house direct selling expert and additional training aids to help you find new parties.

What if i dont want to recruit?

It is not neccessary to recruit, You may choose to if you would like to earn additional income, and earn axtra freebies!

I dont have space to store alot of product

We do not push frontloading yourself in inventory, if you choose to not have any additional inventory then the strater kit that is perfectly okay. How ever much or little you wish to carry with you is completly your call! Remember, YOUR the boss! 

Will there be a minimum sales quota?

No. unlike many, we do not have a sales quota. Although to earn group comissions off of your team you need to have your pre-determined very attainable sales quota. 

Who delivers the party orders? 

During party events, you have the choice to select if products will ship to the hostess for her to deliver, or if the products will go directly to the guests or to your home for you to make the delivery and follow-up. Again your in charge!

What is the no cost-Host Rewards program?

Exclusively with us you pay $0 to get yourself a party booking! Your orders are tracked through the company, at every $500 retail increment you reach you will be sent a new FREE hostess reqards bullet. In addition to that, all half off items and discounted items are done directly through us, so you are left with nothing but profits from your party. OK, how cool is that ? 

Is it ok to be a representative for another company at the same time?

Yes, absolutly! As per our independant contractor agreement states so long as there are no competing products, you are in the clear! 

Am I able to sell if I am male?
Yes! In fact you will most probably stand out too! Lucky you! Our company being mostly women led is using advertising and verbage to cater to that. Should our male representative percentage become higher,  we will for sure start changing out verbage. 


What if i decide I no longer want to sell Femme Fatale?

With a heavy heart, we'd understand it possibily wasnt the right time for you, you'd be free to keep the kit you purchased, and/or if there were items you couldn't sell and did not want to keep unlike som other companies out there we have an excellent buy back policy for unopened, in good standing condition products with no over complicated return proceedures to go through. PHEW!!


What is your return policy? 

Please refer to our return policy link



How soon can i expect my order?

We ship out orders within two business days after order receipt. Shipping time may vary based on the shipping methods you've selected. Allow 24 hours for tracking information. 

How discreet are the packages?

We ship all our orders in a discreet brown corrugated box. No one will know what has arrived.

Where are orders shipped from?

All of our orders are shipped from our warehouse in Toronto. 



What can I expect in terms of quality from your bath and body line?

Our unique collection of sexual health and wellness products are hand-crafted in the USA, made from original formulas. Created with natural botanicals, essential oil extracts, and only the healthiest ingredients.

How will I know what toys are waterproof, battery operated or rechargeable?
In the products description online and found in the catalog you will see symbols on each item depicting what the product is. There it shows wether it is waterproof as well!

Charging your toy

Please always ensure to fully charge and clean your toy upon receival.
Turning your toy 
If unsure, ask your representative, for most toys to turn on or off simply hold down the button for 4 seconds. 

For additional information please contact your representative or call us directly at
1-844-4FATALE thats 1-844-432-8253. Please allow for 1 business day to receive a call back.

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